Maybe it wasn’t meant to be…. I’ve felt hopeless after some rejections, but I’m sure there will be better opportunities for you in the near future!! :)

YES. I will ‘look for a plumper mochi’ so to speak. I can’t let their blindness get me down. I’m sure the perfect job is out there waiting for me!

boo, it’s their loss anyway! you do your thing and the right job will come~

EXACTLY. I would’ve been a good one for their store, shame they couldn’t see it. BUT I GOTTA MOVE ON. It’s not the end of the world, and at least I got a good lesson out of it~

welp. didn’t get the job.

I’M NOT EVEN MAD. i guess i had a feeling because out of 60 people there i was the only one dressed uniquely so to speak. everyone wore what everyone wears.

but at least i didn’t sit there saying nothing and i held my head up high even though their whole evening was a complete disorganized mess where you weren’t even presented with the chance to talk about yourself and your reasons behind applying-

OKAY I AM SLIGHTLY MAD. just disappointed i guess. I HATE IT WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO but because 2 people who only spend 2 hours with you decide there’s something wrong with the way you dress or the way you act that chance is just taken from you.

you know how they should hold their ‘casting events’ next time? just make everyone roleplay a day at the store. make them act the way they actually would if they were hired. that way you’d get a good idea if they were good for your store and image or not.

fucking hell.

i’m not even slightly mad i’m furious. bye.

Talent is when a guy can do anything with just a little effort, and when a guy like me can do nothing no matter how hard he tries.
I don’t understand much about talent, but he says he can’t write anything good, even after practicing so much.
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